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How to access Android System WebView?

Android System Webview is a system component that enables Android applications to display web content directly within the app. It essentially functions as a mini browser embedded in the app, allowing web pages to be rendered and interacted with without needing to open a separate web browser.
This System Webview comes with a DevTools app that allows developers to enable experimental features. However, this tool is hidden and cannot be opened like a normal Android application.
In this tutorial, I will guide you through the steps to access the System Webview Devtools using the My APK. Follow the steps below:

Ensure that you have both the My APK and System Webview installed on your Android device.

Steps to Access Webview Devtools:
  • Open My APK App: Locate the My APK app icon on your device and tap to open it.
  • Find System Webview: Once you are in the My APK app, navigate to the list of installed applications. Scroll through the list to find "System Webview" and open its detailed view.
  • Navigate to the Activity Section: Look for the "Activity" section within the detailed view of System Webview and click on the Launch button (the rocket icon next to the Activity title).
  • Select the Target Activity: In the Target Activity box, look for the MainActivity.
  • Launch the Target Activity: Tap the Launch button to start the target activity. This will bring up the System Webview interface.

After launching the MainActivity, the Webview Devtools screen should appear. You can update the WebView Flags to enable some experimental features there.

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