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App access history (detected by Wisom)
Wisom is a really simple tool that helps you detect if an application is accessing your camera/microphone by showing a notification or dot indicator.

- Detect camera/microphone usage by showing a notification or dot indicator.
- Show app access history
- Search app history by app name or app package name
- View app usage detail
- Custom indicator size, position, and shape (Camera indicator only)
- Fake a front camera lens with lens shape. 

Wisom does not require root but needs PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission, please grant this permission at the first time opening the app by clicking the Start button at the app main page and grant the access (or go to Settings and search for Usage data access).

Wisom means Who is spying on me!

Let's see how people react to Wisom:
- Appedit Mobile:

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