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How to access Android System WebView?

Android System Webview is a system component that enables Android applications to display web content directly within the app. It essentially functions as a mini browser embedded in the app, allowing web pages to be rendered and interacted with without needing to open a separate web browser.
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How to launch a hidden activity?

My APK 2.9.0 has been released with a new feature called Component Launcher, which allows users to access and launch hidden activities within third-party apps. These components are typically not exposed to users through the standard app interface, but they can contain useful functionalities that enhance your app experience.

How to check Android manifest in APK?

The AndroidManifest.xml file is a crucial component of every Android application. It serves as a central point of reference for the Android system to understand how to interact with and manage the application's components and resources. In the latest version of My APK, you can open the Manifest files from the installed apps or standalone apks (it works for aspk, apks files also) on your own device.

My APK 2.7.3 - Creating a custom APK file renaming templates

My APK has 2 options for renaming one or more APK files (Quick renamer & Advanced renamer) but you don't have much controls over the file name template. With this update of My APK, you are able to do so with custom renamer feature.

How to compare 2 APK files

APK comparison screen Comparing 2 APKs can be a useful feature for some people who want to know the component changes between those files. In this post, I will show you how to compare 2 APK files on your Android device using My APK.

How to install APKM files on your Android device

Inside an APKM file APKM is a custom android package installation format which is created by APKMirror to support App Bundle format. Previously, this APKM format is protected and it is read and installed by APKMirror Installer only. Now, that protection is removed so other Installer apps can install that file with a minor effort.

My APK 2.7.0 - Deep link tester

Deep link tester My APK 2.7.0 adds a new tool for verifying Deep link. Basically, a deep link can be opened from an application or web browser. My APK support both those cases. This version adds support for installing APKM files also.