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Pika Pika - Hooman, I dare you to catch me!

Hey guys, I hope you have a nice day!
To make your day better, I am glad to release a new game, I call it Pika Pika (say Pika). This Pika game is an upgraded version of the very old Tolobi.


YouGif - A new door for your Gif library

Hey guys, I am glad to inform a new app from Andatsoft - YouGif. YouGif helps you browse millions of gifs and directly share with your friends in a single click.


My APK - a better APK Manager

My APK brings many features which make My APK become a better APK Manager. 
I hope you guys enjoy it!


Silax 1.1.9 - Safe search

Adult contents must not be visible to kids or some people. Prior 1.1.9, Silax did not concern about nude pictures and it clearly leads to many serious issues. Safe search is the answer to that problem and it has been supported now. :)


My APK 2.3.8 - More hash checks (SHA-1 and SHA-256) for APK verification

My APK 2.3.8 adds 2 main features which are requested for a pretty long time!. The first feature is the SHA-1 and SHA-256 hash check for APK verification (the old version supports MD5 hash only). The latter is fast scroller. I hope you guys enjoy it!


My APK - Open your apk file directly

Happy 2018 Lunar New Year!!!.

This is a minor improvement that makes My APK better for your daily use. With this update, you can open your apk file directly from external applications.