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My APK 2.6.5 - More themes and more features

My APK 2.6.5   This version of My APK brings many improvements, mainly focus on the APK signature. There are 3 more themes added and the dark mode feature is now more helpful.
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My APK 2.6.4 - App Not Installed Error on Android Phones

My APK 2.6.4 Have you ever faced the App Not Installed error when you are trying to install an APK file?. In fact, there are many reasons behind that message but the default Package Installer does not show you.

My APK 2.6.3 - Explore APK signature scheme version

  My APK 2.6.3 This version of My APK adds APK signature scheme version and signature creator meta data to make the detail screen more detail.

My APK 2.6.0 - Advanced search improvements

  My APK 2.6.0 Advanced search is a powerful feature that My APK offer to help you find apps at low level. You can list apps which ask for permissions or have some activities, services and so on. My APK 2.6.0 makes this feature great again with more search parameters.

My APK 2.5.7 - Check whether your APK is 64 bit compliance

My APK 2.5.8 "Starting August 1, 2019, your apps published on Google Play will need to support 64-bit architectures", . There are some ways that you can check if your apk is 64-bit compliance and My APK is one of them.

YouGif 2.0.0 - Make GIFs from Videos

YouGif 2.0.0 This update brings a new feature to YouGif, make gif. You can make gifs from videos with a basic video editor to add texts, add zoom effect and some other effects.

My APK 2.5.5 - Update to be a better split APKs Installer

From the build 2.5.0, My APK can be used as a split apks installer. People love it but people hate it too. I listen to many user's feedbacks and keep the app up to date with bug fixes and improvements.