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My APK 2.6.5 - More themes and more features

This version of My APK brings many improvements, mainly focus on the APK signature. There are 3 more themes added and the dark mode feature is now more helpful.

My APK 2.6.5 allows you to re-sign your apk files (v1 and v2 scheme with a default key store). This is not a common action for most users but it might be helpful in some cases, such us installing an apk file with v2 signature only on Android 5.
This version brings a workaround to install a test build (android:testOnly="true"). From my tests, it does not work on Android 11+, but works on older OS versions. Again, this is not a common feature but it might help somehow.

Release notes:
  • Add support for apk signing
  • Workaround for test build installation
  • New 3 themes are added with a better dark mode
  • Install date and Update date now respect the system time format
  • Advanced search now supports for negative case (use the "!" character before your keywords)
  • Improve multiple selection mode
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements
This version is available on Play store
See all the changelog here
Thank you.