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Wisom - Camera/Microphone Access Notification!

Hello, long time no see, Hope you guys are doing well!
I know there are lots of bad events happening at this time but I hope good things will come soon.
Wison is one of them, I guest.
Wison is the latest Android application published by Andatsoft this year. Let's check this new application out.

Wisom is a really simple tool that helps you detect if an application is accessing your camera/microphone by showing a notification or dot indicator. This feature is one of the many useful feature that added in the iOS 14 version and Wisom is trying to bring that experience for Android users.

Wisom feature list:
- Detect camera/microphone usage by showing a notification
- Show app access history
- Show dot indicator when camera/microphone get accessed (under development)
- View app usage detail

That's it. Did I say Wisom is a really simple tool?

Wison does not require root.
Wison needs PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission, please grant this permission at the first time opening the app.

Get Wison on Play store
Other Wison versions: Change log