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My APK 2.7.3 - Creating a custom APK file renaming templates

Creating a custom file renaming in My APK
My APK has 2 options for renaming one or more APK files (Quick renamer & Advanced renamer) but you don't have much controls over the file name template. With this update of My APK, you are able to do so with custom renamer feature.

To create a custom file renaming template in My APK, you can follow the below steps:

1. Select one or more APK file items in the list.

2. Click option and choose Custom renamer.

3. Enter the template input and click OK. The template input can be any valid file name combined with attributes. There are 7 available attributes at this time and there could be more in the future.

That's it! My APK will then validate the input and apply the file name to the selected items.

My APK 2.7.3 release notes:

  • Custom APK file name templates.
  • Scan APKs from hidden folders.
  • Update popup menu indicator
  • Update target SDK to level 33
  • Bug fix and improvements

This version is available on Play store
See all the changelog here