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My APK 2.6.9 - Comparing 2 APK files

This update brings a new improvement to the APK comparison. Previously, you can compare an APK to the installed version. Now you can do it with another version of that APK to find out component changes.
Here is how you do it in My APK.
1. Open My APK and navigate to the apks tab.
2. Select 2 apk files of the same application (From version 2.6.10, this limitation was removed)
3. Click the Option button and select Compare

Release notes:
  • Add support for comparing 2 APK files.
  • Add version to the Play store link list
  • Add installer package to the detail page
  • Search feature now respects the current filter setting
  • The APK size limit when opening directly is now increased to 250MB
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

This version is available on Play store
See all the changelog here

Thank you.