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Pika Pika - Hooman, I dare you to catch me!

Hey guys, I hope you have a nice day!
To make your day better, I am glad to release a new game, I call it Pika Pika (say Pika). This Pika game is an upgraded version of the very old Tolobi.

In Pika, you need to find the displaying Pokemon/Item and catch it.
You have 1 second to do that.
Each correct selection gives you a level (or score).
Each level you get, the time will be reduced by 10ms.

Sumup, the higher the level you get, the shorter time you have so the harder the game becomes.

There is a very low chance for the Pikachu to appear. If you catch a Pikachu, you become a Pika hunter. I would also say you are the winner of this game.

The rule is simple, right. Now, go go go!
Play store: DOWNLOAD

Thank you.