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Silax 1.1.9 - Safe search

Adult contents must not be visible to kids or some people. Prior 1.1.9, Silax did not concern about nude pictures and it clearly leads to many serious issues. Safe search is the answer to that problem and it has been supported now. :)

The v1.1.9 detail changelog:
- Safe search: When turned on, most of the adult contents will be filtered (it's not 100% but it works in most cases). This setting is turned on by default.
- Re-enable Muzei on Android 8: Silax 1.1.8 targeted to the latest version of Android but it disables the Muzei Live Wallpaper support on Android 8 also (It comes from Muzei side). Silax 1.1.9 reenable this feature by a target to the Android 7 (the same as the Silax 1.1.7).

This version is available on Play store
See all the changelog here

Thank you.