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My APK - List apps which have permissions/activity, etc

Have you ever wonder which apps use a camera permission, which apps have Google ads?. This can be done by My APK pre- version but it takes time and not easy to use at all. My APK brings a new way to make things better.
The v2.3.7.5 detail changelog:
- Advanced app/apk search: You can list all of the apps/apks which use a permission or has an activity. The most useful thing here is that you can combine the constraints to fit your need. For example, in the picture above, it is a combination which will return all of the apps which has permission contain internet and has activity contains gms (notice the same color indicates that it is a group) or apps which have provider contains facebook.
- Add Korean language pack (thanks to DeaveViolet)

This version is available on Play store
See all the changelog here

Thank you.