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Say goodbye to Laisim Music Player

Hello there,
It must be a long time since the first version Laisim has been released, I would like to thank all of you guys for making Laisim reach almost 100k downloaded. It is not a big number but at least for me, it is amazing. In this post, I want to inform you that, Laisim is no longer available on Play Store and its package name will be used for the next Onemp versions. To make this work, the original Onemp is removed from Play Store as well.
Onemp is a rewritten from scratch version of Laisim, many features have been improved, many of them are removed for a better experience on Android Lollipop.
For more information about Onemp, please visit here:

Note: The original Onemp package name is removed and new Onemp versions will be published as the Laisim package name. It means
- If you are installing the Onemp, you have to uninstall it and reinstall from Play Store.
- If you are installing the old Laisim and using Android 5+, there is nothing to do, it will be installed automatically by the Play Store app (if set).
- There is no longer support for pre-lollipop devices.

Hope you enjoy this new version.

Thank you