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My APK 2.3.3

Never get confused with a bunch of apk files on your storage. My APK 2.3.3 supports rename apk files with its app name, package name, version code, and version name. All of your files will be saved with a more meaningful name. This is a minor update.
The v2.3.3 detail changelog: 
- Rename apk files with its app name, package name, version code and version name (in this order also). For example, you have an apk file call myapp.apk which has an internal app name: My APK, package name:, version code 100 and version name 1.0.0. After select "Correct name" feature, that file will be renamed to My APK_com.a.app_100_1.0.0.apk. It's simple, right?

This version is available on Play store
See all the changelog here

Thank you.