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My APK v2.2.9

The default folder screen on v2.2.9
Many users keep asking me why they need to select the folder to backup apps to apks again and again?
This is actually a mistake of My APK, but not from the v2.2.9. In this version, a default folder is remembered for later use, saving you a lot of time when select backup folder. :D This is a minor update.
The v2.2.9 detail changelog:
- Add support for default backup folder. When a default folder is set, My APK will use this folder by default, you do not need to reselect backup folder. If you want to reselect, there is an option for that, click the "Choose Other" lets you select your new one as usual. Sometimes, you might want to remove this default folder, in this case, go to Setting, Reset default folder, this will delete the current one and you need to reselect in the next time you want to backup apps or apks.
- Bug fixes

This version is available on Play store
See all the changelog here

Thank you.