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My APK v2.1.1

My APK version 2.1.1 on Nexus 5X
My APK v2.1.1 brings some new features and more stable.
Some users complain that the app does not warn when the exported apk is already existing on their storage. The file saver dialog is quite messy. There is no way to know how many installed apps or saved apk on phone. Some users even send me a bunch of suggestions as well.

We understand that you concern about our products and we are working on that to make it better.

The v2.1.1 includes some updates below:
- File saver dialog now sorted by alphabet for better searching
- Check file existing before saving. This gives you a chance to rename your file or you can replace the old one.
- Show app/apk count for every filter
- Bug fixes

This version is available on Play store
See all the changelog here

Thank you.